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Color Black(10)
Note: The color of the product displayed on the page may look different from the actual product due to the characteristics of the monitor display. Thank you for your understanding.
material Synthetic leather
size width 38x height 28x row 11 (cm)
weight about 880g
specification [outer front]
・Open pocket (magnet hook closure) x 1
・There are 3 open pockets inside (Equipped with a cord hole inside)

[Front side of the main room]
・Open pocket x 2
・Pen holder x 2

[Back side of the main room]

・Fastener pocket x 1

[Main room side]
・Right side open pocket x 1
・Belt for drink holder with left drink holder (removable)
[outside rear surface]

・Open pocket (magnet hook closure) x 1

Country of origin China (planned and designed in Japan)








Even in a neat form, it has a firm function and storage capacity,
Lily at which I made thinking for people who are job hunting.
Smart support for your job hunting scene!


The material used is faux leather with an elegant and calm texture.
The moderate luster of the briefcase type elevates the wearer to the next level without compromising the dignity of the wearer.
Scratches are also less noticeable, so you can use it with confidence.


■ Easy to clean, water resistant finish

Both are more resistant to water and stains than genuine leather, and are easy to clean. It reduces the burden of busy job hunting.


■ Self-supporting type that prevents the bag from falling over

A self-supporting type that prevents the bag from tipping over even when placed on the floor. Comes with bottom tacks to prevent the bottom from getting dirty.


■ Comes with a cord hole through which the cord of the mobile battery can be passed

Comes with a convenient cord hole when charging with a mobile battery. A mobile battery that prevents smartphones and batteries from running out is an essential item for job hunting. We focused on portability and ease of use.


■We can regulate the length of the steering wheel to season's clothes.

Belt type handle with adjustable length. The rise can be adjusted in 3 stages, and it can be worn not only by hand but also on the shoulder. When you're wearing a coat or when you have a lot of things to store and the bag is heavy, you can reduce the burden by carrying it over your shoulder.
In addition, the tip of the handle can be stored inside, so it does not get in the way and looks neat.

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